The One Show – 25th & 26th April 2018

25th April

It was an hour long show on the 25th with guests actor Dougray Scott, and comedians Shappi Korshandi and Hugh Dennis.

Matt was wearing a pale blue jacket, patterned shirt, and jeans

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The One Show – 24th April 2018

This show featured Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as guest talking about obesity. Possibly more interesting were the medical features where we saw two remarkable gloves designed to help people – one that corrected hand tremors and one that converted sign language to speech!

Matt was in a black jumper, check shirt, and jeans. A reminder that the weather has gone in patches this year as the previous week it had been 29 degrees in London!

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The One Show – 16th April 2018

This was a special on the amount of plastic that gets thrown away – a follow up programme to the show’s ongoing campaign. The guests on the sofa surrounded by junk outside were Chris Packham and Lucy Siegle. We also had government minister Michael Gove on camera from Westminster (such a long way away for him to appear in person…). I won’t make you suffer a picture of him – just imagine Pob instead!

Matt was wearing a black quilted jacket and grey jeans

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