The One Show – 7th August 2017

The One Show returned from its Summer break with a road trip to Northern Ireland. For the first show they came from Carrickfergus Castle with guest Martine McCutcheon.

Matt was in a casual black jacket, turquoise jumper, and grey jeans.

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Wild Alaska

After The One Show broke up for summer Matt headed to Alaska for a follow up to Big Blue LiveWild Alaska. The three shows aired in a week with Matt presenting from a base at the foot of a glacier in a National Park. We had bears, wolves, whales, eagles, salmon, and other creatures.

23rd July

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The One Show – 6th July 2017

The guest was the fabulous actor Michael Sheen. He was promoting a homeless cause he was working with that gets people involved in football. This included him presenting his own segment on this and giving a fantastically stirring speech in favour of the Homeless World Cup going to Wales in 2018.

In other Michael Sheen news he’s been cast in the planned version of Good Omens – the brilliant Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman book. He’s going to be playing the angel Aziraphale up against David Tennant’s demon Crowley. If you’ve never read it I really recommend it.

Matt was wearing a patterned shirt and jeans

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