How to Eat Better – Buy this book

Just finished reading James Wong’s new book How to Eat Better¬†and cannot recommend it enough. It’s great advice for simple changes you can make to how you store, prepare, and eat everyday foods to get the best health benefits. Who needs “superfoods” when knowing the best way to store tomatoes, or cook sweet potatoes, can give you more nutritional value?

Things I’m going to do when I go shopping tomorrow following reading this:

  • Buy some oranges (I’m out of season for my favourite blood oranges…) and make orange crisps
  • Get some sweet potatoes for baking – purple if I can find them
  • Get some carrots to braise (adding in some orange juice) – again, purple if I can find them!
  • Pick up some roasted peppers in oil as a store cupboard standby
  • Get jumbo oats for making overnight oats for breakfast. Add in some mangoes and coconut as my favourite flavour combo (with some lime in there too…)
  • Check to see if my favourite cocoa is “Dutched” (does it contain potassium carbonate?) and if it does pick a different one

And another reason to recommend the book if you needed one: