Countryfile – 14th April 2019

This episode came from Shropshire where Matt was looking at two things that are kind-of throwbacks to an older way of doing things.

Firstly he met a farmer who was following a “no till” method and hadn’t ploughed fields for 5 years. The aim of this is to improve soil quality and restore the land.

Later he visited Soulton Long Barrow – newly built to be a place for ashes to be interred in the same way they would have been in neolithic times. It was incredibly beautiful and each urn niche was designed so that a door/window could be placed in front and Matt worked with a stained glass artist on a panel for one.

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The One Show – 10th April 2019

For this hour long show we were joined by two main guests – Miriam Margolyes and Nick Knowles. Miriam was talking about her stage return in a Beatrix Potter puppet show, and Nick was talking about his new afternoon art show Where The Art Is. We also had deep sea diver Chris Lemons on to talk about the documentary of his near death experience stranded on the bottom of the North Sea.

Matt was wearing a navy jumper and jeans.

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The One Show – 27th & 28th March 2019

27th March

A very crowded show this Wednesday. We started with actors Nitin Ganatra and Jack Carroll promoting their new film. Later we were joined by the voice of Peppa Pig – Hayley Bird – who it turns out, is a neighbour of Matt! We also had sporting chat with our netball team, and finally the drummer for The Police Stewart Copeland was on the sofa but started by talking about his father Miles (former director of the CIA) as they’d just had a VT on spy craft.

Matt was wearing a blue shirt and dark jeans

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