The One Show – 7th February 2017

On the 7th of February the guest was the new detective on “Death in Paradise” – Ardal O’Hanlon.

Matt resurrected an old wardrobe look with a pink shirt and check tie (the same he wore when he was once referred to as D.I. Baker because he looked like a plainclothes detective!). This time it was paired with burgundy trousers and coordinating socks

The One Show – 1st February 2017

Sue Perkins visited the sofa on the 1st of February to promote “The Big Spell” – a televised spelling bee that she was hosting. Also “Lets Sing and Dance for Comic Relief” was mentioned. Sue seemed disappointed Matt wasn’t on The One Show team 🙂

Also on the show were Sam Riley and Kate Bosworth promoting “SS-GB” which is an intriguing idea but maybe not for a Sunday night BBC drama. It hasn’t done too well…

And we also had a lumberjack competition outside. Bet Matt would love to have a go!

Matt was wearing a teal jumper, grey spotted shirt, and jeans