The One Show – 27th, 28th, & 29th November 2018

27th November

The guest was Brat Pack actor Rob Lowe promoting a talk he was giving at the Royal Festival Hall, and a show he’s doing based in the UK (where he plays an American law enforcement officer who becomes a Chief Constable).

Matt was wearing a bright blue shirt and jeans

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The One Show – 21st & 22nd November 2018

21st November

A packed show as the team were joined on the sofa by actor Ruth Wilson, comedian Jon Richardson, and later musicians Jools Holland and Marc Almond.

Ruth was promoting the series Mrs Wilson which she starred in and produced. It was a personal one for her as the character she was playing was her own grandmother and the story is about her family’s discovery that their grandfather was a bigamist with an intriguing history in the intelligence service. Jon was promoting his new tour, so a little less interesting, but more funny!

Matt was wearing a burgundy polo-shirt jumper, and jeans.

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Rickshaw Challenge 2018

Last November’s challenge was a little unusual as for the first time the team started in continental Europe. A trip through the Channel Tunnel by Rickshaw is definitely a first and with the drop and climb involved probably best left until they got this new lighter McLaren motorsport version! Lots of pictures here so I’m separating them by end-point of the day


The first day ended after a trip from near Calais, across the channel, and then through Kent to Ashford.

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