Countryfile – 19th March 2017

The episode came from the Hoo Peninsula – an spit of land in North Kent that separates the Thames and the Medway.

Matt was there to see a salt shepherd – I’m not a fan of lamb but salt marsh is the best. He also helped on a boat restoration and met the community who had campaigned against an airport near Cliffe.

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The One Show – 16th March 2017

Time to “Be Our Guest” as Dan Stevens was on to promote Beauty and the Beast. As a non-fan of Downton Abbey (I don’t really do that type of period drama) I never saw the appeal of Dan – but a little skinnier, less blond, and with a beard… He looks good!

Matt was wearing a blue patterned shirt, and tan chinos.

The One Show – 7th March 2017

The guests on this show were Joan Collins and Pauline Collins – no relation to each other there! I mostly remember this show for Pauline annoying me by saying actors shouldn’t talk about politics. Given they vote and are affected by political decisions then they have as much right to an opinion as anyone else…

Matt was in a navy jacket, pale blue shirt, and tan trousers