Rickshaw Challenge 2018

Last November’s challenge was a little unusual as for the first time the team started in continental Europe. A trip through the Channel Tunnel by Rickshaw is definitely a first and with the drop and climb involved probably best left until they got this new lighter McLaren motorsport version! Lots of pictures here so I’m separating them by end-point of the day


The first day ended after a trip from near Calais, across the channel, and then through Kent to Ashford.

Royal Wootton Basset

After the weekend we had a recap of three days worth of journey ending in the military town of Royal Wootton Basset


The next day saw the team head for some big hills as they headed for Great Malvern. And on the way they set a world record for a hillclimb time in a rickshaw!

Blists Hill

Carrying on with the big hills the team headed to Ironbridge and the Victorian street museum of Blists Hill. This is home of the best chips ever – provided you’re not vegetarian! They’re cooked in an original Victorian deep fat fryer in beef dripping and taste amazing. I’m sure they were needed after a hard day rickshawing!

Chester Zoo

Next stop was further north at Chester Zoo but at least the journey flattened out a bit!


And the last day took the team to Salford. This happened via a ferry cross the Mersey and a journey through Liverpool.


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