The One Show – 29th & 30th August 2018

29th August

The guest on this show was Nick Knowles promoting the “DIY SOS: Big Build” episodes for Grenfell. They were remarkably moving episodes and the effort and support people gave to them was incredible – including the story of the glass firm who said they’d provide windows, and when they didn’t have any that would fit available, the company boss told them the DIYSOS crew to buy what they needed elsewhere and he’d pay. (And on another note the cookbook the community wrote is worth a read)

Matt was wearing a pale silvery blue shirt and jeans

30th August

The guests on this show were actors Anna Maxwell Martin and Daniel Mays promoting their drama “Mothers Day”. We also had some ice-cream flavour creation happening in the studio and Matt was more than a little gleeful that his creation of Whisky & Raspberry went down well enough that the company have decided to sell it!

Matt was wearing a dark teal shirt and jeans


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